1940's Fashion





The 1940's silhouette followed on closely from the 1930's, but the influence of the war, with shorter straighter skirts to save on rationed material was a major one, that continued at least in Britain for most of the decade.

With women increasingly being economically active, as well as being in uniform,  fashion also took on a more masculine look. This was the era of the shoulder pad, in its first incarnation before the 1980's! However it was often softened by a puffed or gathered sleeve, 

Necklines varied but the buttoned or shirt waist top was a standout. What was not on show was any cleavage....certainly not in day wear. 

Evening wear was a different story, especially post war, with sleek skirts and spaghetti straps featuring strongly at the end of the decade.....with the influence of Hollywood.

With hindsight the 1940's look was a very feminine one, emphasising the waist and the shoulders, but in a subtle way......


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