Pre-Owned Items

Clothing has clearly become disposable. As a result, we generate more and more textile waste. A family in the western world throws away an average of 30 kg of clothing each year. Only 15% is recycled or donated, and the rest goes directly to the landfill or is incinerated. 

Kit'n'Heels sells items of clothing on behalf of our customers and gives them 50% of the selling price. This gives them a way of earning a bit of extra cash and others the opportunity to buy good quality items for a fraction of the cost. This is win/win all round and has the added benefit of reducing the volume of clothes ending up in landfill. 

If you have items you would like us to sell on your behalf, please contact us first to see if we are accepting new items and if so please take note of the information below.

What we need from you

  • Please deliver items to us neatly folded into a box, clearly labelled with your name. Please note that we will not return any hangers or garment bags, we do not have the capacity to store them. 
  • A document with your name, contact details including an email address linked to a PayPal account or details of a Bank account you would like us to pay into.
  • A detailed list of what you have given us. This list should include a description of each item, its colour, size and if you have an idea of an amount you would like us to sell it for, then this should be clearly stated.
  • We are making our store, website and social media platform available to you for the sale of your items. Please help us to help you by providing pictures of your items in digital format if available and by liking and sharing any posts from our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

What we do not accept

  • Items that are stained or damaged in any way
  • Items of clothing from stores at the lower end of the retail market. 
  • Shoes
  • Wedding dresses or bridesmaid dresses
  • Fancy dress

See below for some of the items currently on sale in our store. For more picture views of the items click the link at the bottom of the listing and follow us on Instagram




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